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Monday, January 6, 2014

you've gotta be kidding me

monday blues, i can sense youuu everywhere, but not here hihihi

mahapla, orang menganggur memang ceni. suke jeee nak update. tengah masak pun hapdet. gambaq dolu dolu pun muat naik. poke war pun active. eh? hihihi

anyhow, i sense something strange these few days.

really, strange, okay.

last few days, ayah pegi library, sorang sorang, right after sekolah. meaning; dia akan selalu renew buku buku library, then bawak balik. easy.

but that day, it happened differently.

ayah pilihkan buku untuk anak perempuan dia yang menganggur nih, and guess what? semua novel cinta, be it in English ataupun BM. i was like searching for words, and gave him that "What.... the... What's wrong with you ayah? You look perfectly normal to me, but what have you gotten me? Are you serious? These are for me?" look. errr

are you kidding? ayah has never, ever chosen books for his children, and this time...?

today, another story.

ibu. she came back from school, and gave me this "Dewa Cintaku novel cinta muzikal pertama malaysia" and claimed that one of her colleagues yang bagi. like "What..... What's wrong with these people?"

i am so not ready for this. enough is enough, i just don't want to get into this, just yet. really, another thing coming in, i will straightaway tell them to stop, stop with this thing i-dont-know-what-to-call-but-really-not-right-for-now

or maybe it's just another coincidences; ayah just randomly pick the books, and ibu's colleague bermurah hati to give away the novel. i don't know, i'm trying to make it look logically 'make-sense', in other words; sedap hati.

tolong, please, enlighten me but not with this.

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