She's gonna wait..

Saturday, February 13, 2016

nothing much, just..

you're doing well, right?

either i worry too much or it's school holidays i got more free time to even have a thought about you

take care!

Monday, February 1, 2016

how's your weekend?

so, erm.. i guess i better start writing here since i need to spill whatever i have in mind.

weekends, so far so good, i'm glad i have fully made use of it before the extra classes start somewhere in mid feb! oh gosh it's not that i hate tuition, i just dislike the fact that i'll be having half-day Saturday and probably another half-day of Sunday, who knows something might get in (LDPs, all sorts of events)

the ideal Sunday for me would be just laying on the bed, doing nothing or probably doing activities at my own pace, taking that sweet little time enjoying every moment. rather than having to rush here and there, i'd prefer it to be at leisure; kalau nak outing or go shopping pun, takyah kalut kalut, settle things that need to be done first, then only baru keluar.

tapi cukup pantang kalau hari Ahad ajak keluar.

sebab konon macam eh esok nak pegi sekolah kan, kenapa nak keluar? why don't get yourself prepared mentally and emotionally for Monday and the blues?

i better get some sleep now. till then