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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramadhan issue

i should be filling in the band and TP for my PBS data right now, but we do need breaks in between work. (i know i'm good at making up excuses)

so, hello and assalamualaikum everyone! it has been ages *echo* since i last carve something here. well, blame the time and the endless work - be it at school or home, both really take up most of my time, that's why they say work for a living *smirks*

so how things going on for you? as for me, so far, all good - the first half of the year has gone (time flies so fast i thought i just posted something on school was about to start) and it's already the second term of the year! yeay to what you did great and try again to all dissappointment you might have last time.

now we're in Ramadhan, the most awaiting month of all. a month of which i strongly believe test you as a real muslim - the patience, the pain, the strong will and whether you can be a better one in the next 11 months.

but there are things i feel sorry for this time.

non-muslims were not allowed to eat in front of the muslims just because "hey, we're fasting over here, please have some respect,"

LIKE REALLY? are you serious, are you getting affected with the action as if your imaan really depends on seeing other people eat and that's it? do you think the non-muslims aren't human after all? don't they have to eat? don't they have to fulfill their Maslow's theory of needs that they HAVE to eat in order to survive? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE I TOTALLY CANNOT BRAIN THIS.

Rasulullah even do good to non muslims. it's actually a way to dakwah - we're giving them the true impression of Islam. we treat them nicely, help them when they in need and show a good example of a Muslim. some of the nons even have the courtesy to ask "is it okay if i sip my drink, teacher?" during classes and here you are, being the selfish one thinking all about yourself. aren't you ashamed of how you carry the name of Islam?

i seldom say things like this in public because i think it is unnecessary to point out things you can't change, but this is getting worsened.

when i was in nz, we had our Ramadhan during the term - means classes are still on, the datelines are as scheduled. it was amazing to hear some of the lecturers acknowledge the fact that we're fasting - they kept asking "how's your fasting so far? what time will you break fast?" and tried not to consume any food in front of us muslims. that was really thoughtful, and i felt very warm and welcomed in their country.

the point is, we should be considerate and tolerant enough to our non-muslim friends - they're doing a favour to us actually by trying to live in peace and harmony.

please please, let's check back our imaan and faith. are we really potraying how a muslim should be?