She's gonna wait..

Saturday, March 22, 2014

a new phase is about to begin :)

it feels like baru semalam je aku post pasal menganggur. 2-3 hari lepas kot eh?

just to share this news, alhamdulillah dah dapat posting!

and it's in penang! ya Allah do you really know how it feels to be back home, after so many years kat tempat orang?

10 years away from home, and Allah has given me the best place finally! do you feel me?

keep me in your duas, semoga teacher newbie ni terus baik baik saja, tak kisah la whatever happens next.

p/s : lapor diri is on 1/4. atleast sempatla cuti seminggu dulu eh hihi

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

pe-nanam anggur-an at its best

it's almost 2 weeks since my last day as cikgu ganti, and i'm glad i have everyday to spend at home! at last :)

not that i don't enjoy working with children, school or anything, but i do feel i need a time break from Ticer or Ustazah (as kids always called me hihi).

now that i am a full time housewife, i dedicated myself fully at burning the kitchen, tapi takdela hebak mane pun, janji boleh makan halalan toyyiban, gituh kan :p

and what more, i can do baking! expenses orang sponsor, what's left just mix all the flour, eggs, butter, and voilaaa! syok baking jeee, and i just loveeee cupcakes. :)

time as penganggur could be the best time to spend at home, you'll never know where will you be tomorrow, or the day after, or next month. seriously.

so right here right now, i'm trying to fully utilize my time as penganggur. well, life couldn't be better than this :)