She's gonna wait..

Sunday, September 21, 2014

teacher needs longer break!

tomorrow is monday and i don't feel like going to school. :(

this career needs me to be more robot than the robot itself. 24/7 all about education, it's not like i'm complaining, this is just the beginning but i find it quite hard for a newbie like me.

to be honest, i miss the time when i see teachers as teachers. murid respect cikgu, murid excel dengan cemerlang eventhough you didn't get to go to extra class (as compared to kids nowadays).

even more, the hi-tech gadgets that brings the kids to a new level. i mean, come on, how can you expect the kids to listen to you in class when they are in front of the computers and stuffs? not to mention how they look down to us (especially the teacher who know less about hi tech stuffs hmph).

talking about the misbehaviours. at my time, you rarely see pupils with such problems. yeah probably ada few, but not as much as now. in my school for example, ada budak yang tak hadir for the whole year. (exceptionally present for penyampaian wang bantuan hmph). then bila UPSR mengada ngada mintak buat exam kat rumah. i was like... oh my... so spoiled brat. that was just a few. ada banyaaaaaaaaaaaaak lagi yang you do not wish to know, i can guarantee you.

how i see myself being a teacher back then was so.. different from what i see now.

probably i should consider myself, it is up to me now either to completely follow the bandwagon and ruin the whole society, or start new and make improvement as much as possible.

give me.. some time to adjust to this. mohon doanya, teacher pun kadang kadang jiwa tak kental jugak ni.

why Monday, why tomorrow? *lari belakang pintu nangis taknak terima kenyataan*