She's gonna wait..

Sunday, February 15, 2015


at this moment i couldn't think of anything except cuti.

i've been working so hard these few days, hard in my dictionary means something that i do extra or more than the usual practice.

just submitted the smm thingy last friday, my weekends were fully booked with school stuffs - Saturday with extra class, extra LDP (Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan sdn bhd on organising the timetables), Sunday with being cikgu pengiring for the UPSR kids.

bawak balik buku latihan budak dengan niat nak mark la konon, last-last niat itu menjadi niat memberatkan kereta pergi-balik :(

and now i am still wide awake editing the lyrics for the school action songs when suddenly the phone beeps.

"Qistina, dah buat ke soalan untuk kuiz cegah jenayah tahap 1? Esok nak guna tau.."

adei :(

esok Qistina lah head of the teachers-on-duty (meaning kena conduct the whole assembly), esok anak murid teacher Qistina lah nak buat performance untuk MBI and etc etc please one thing at a time, please? :(

i know i shouldn't be here blurting all these words here but for once at least, give me a break in between those, boleh tak?

tak campur class decoration, sudut decoration. report itu, list ini. rasa macam terriblenya kepala ticer sekarang.

or am i the one who thinks too much?


kadang-kadang rasa nak nangis tu pun buang masa. pastu mula la nangis merata-rata. pastu okay sendiri. pastu gelak-gelak. pastu nangis balik. and the cycle goes on and on and on :(

should i go to some kind like therapy or what? you tell me, bloggy.