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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

random issues

sebagai penganggur, being at home 24/7 has turned me into a housewife. eh. haha

no, that's not the point.

i've been dealing with lotsa things recently, but these two issues are my concerns now.

first; positivity.

tengah dinner dengan famili, and i was about to ask permission to go out with le bestfriend. and what did Dad say? "Tengok S tu, dia dah bawak kereta merata dah. Kamu? Takat depan rumah, mati enjin. Mati enjin, depan rumah. Cuba lahhh positif sikit."

i was doing the dishes, and accidently tercakap kuat, "Dah semua orang tak positif dengan ina, cane la ina nak bawak kereta. Sikit sikit takut kereta calar, sikit sikit takut accident lah. Nak positif cane camtu?"

lucky thing, no one heard me. but that's the truth, how can i drive the car, kalau semuorang rasa insecure? hmph

second; that people always do something, for a reason (or more!).

i had this conversation with Mum, on how she first met with Dad. and surprisingly, she told me that Dad chooses her over other girls (or women, i dont know which one more appropriate), PROBABLY just because she has fair, white skin. well, this could be just her assuming, but still..

i was like, "What..? Sebab putih je? Agaknya orang suka kita ni pun sebab putih je ape.."

i have seen this before, yang mana orang akan buat something bersebab. "Eh, syok ah kawan dengan kau, kau lawak dohhh." "Untung ahh bapak ko kaya, boleh sponsor event kolej kottt!" and more, i'm sure you've been there too, right? you set your own scenarios.

just to think about it, what if.. the beauty that you adore so much is replaced with the wrinkles, the pimples, the sun-burnt? would you still like me? what if.. i have nothing to offer, but just me helping out with the event, would you still consider me as your friend?

something to ponder. sebab kadang kadang, rasa macam dah banyak berfikir dah, tapi tak cukup deep. tak cukup lagi nihhh, baru takat buku lali. ikan jerung pun tak mai kot sini nih, hmph

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