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Thursday, November 10, 2011

counting days

to be back home. :)

baru lepas praktikum, and officially berakhirnya tahun kedua degree year. now, should start packing things nak balik and pindah rumah next year. in the meantime, banyak activities menanti sepanjang minggu ni. mostly cohort activity, and some other things that should be done sebelum balik.

what more can i say? alhamdulillah for everything. :)

4 months of summer hols, should have planned lots of things. and one of those, mestilah spend masa dengan family. :>

oh, can't wait to be home! this feeling is just meletup letup macam bunga api, you-know-what-i-mean-right? berkobar kobar. :P

dah puas membebel kat sini, apa kata log off sat blog, and start your packing, Qistina?

byes, take care!
wassalam. :)

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