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Saturday, March 16, 2013

all good

these few days, really. really. really. lemau days. (bila ada repetition tiga kali, ini sangat serius)

as 'lemau' as biskut tak tutup bekas kedap udara elok elok, lalu bila dijamah, rasa macam "Eh, macam biskut bayi nih, lembik."

i don't know what keeps me busy these few days, but really. asal malam je, everything goes wrong. badan tak sedap, lenguh the whole badan, serious backpain, sleepy sampai tertidur tidur, severe headaches, many more not to be mentioned. almost setiap malam simptom simptom ini berulang, and i just can't help melainkan.. bertahan setakat mana yang termampu.

it was then at one time, i couldn't bear these pains, so i ended up with tears. crying. hoping that these pains will get to end soon, soon enough for me; i know i HAVE TO bear these, but just for the time being, please.. pain, go away.

probably this is the time.

have faith Qistina, have faith that He will always be with you, always be. "..because He knows these pains are the best for you, at this right moment."

seriously, i think i really, really, really need something to get me focused. distractions are everywhere. and these pains could be one of those.

Ya Rabb, satu pinta; berikan rasa redha dan syukur itu melebih segalanya.

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