She's gonna wait..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

just 2 minutes.

alhamdulillah, last week marked the end of my practicum. :)

happy yet sad, indeed it was a great experience to be in school for that 3 months. how time flies!

so now, i'm left with (plus minus) one month. inshaAllah, will be back for good this coming 18th, teheee!

in the meantime, will be quite busy with lots and lots of event coming, dinner sampai dua kena attend, camping BIG wajib final year, series of meetings with the lecturers and course coordinator, well. i guess one month tu macam a blink of eye je nanti.

whatever it is, final year cuma tinggal the final month. and then i'll be free, free like a bird! eh bukan, free like a penganggur should it be :p

plus, keep the positive you everyday, qistina. why? lately nih pegi kedai je, "Terima kasih KAK, nanti datang lagi ye." tak pun, "KAK nak order ape?" mungkin dah ada kedut kedut stress kot kat muka. dah hilang seri awet (awek) muda dah :(

till then, more updates coming soon! (ecececey macam ada orang baca blog picisan ceniii, booo!)

take care pepol, all good inshaAllah :)

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