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Sunday, December 27, 2015

girls by the age of 25 should be getting a permanent forever-i-will-annoy-you room mate. bincangkan.

assalam and hello there! well i know no one is reading, stop pretending like you've got readers la, that's SO lame :p

but i need a place to spill what's inside my head, i can't let the topic goes wandering in my mind keep haunting me all days and nights, okay should stop this drama -.-'

at my age right now, i think it is completely fine for me to talk on this. i mean, come on, you're 25, everyone of your age is either getting engaged, married, or even counting days to be in the labour room. plus you're a girl, every makciks will (obviously, definitely) ask you questions like "hang bila lagi?" or "dah ada (boypren) ka?" or "bila nak jadi menantu makcik?"

okay yang last tu rekaan semata-mata :p

believe me or not, every girl who have heard of those questions feels this way;

we are so sick of those, like bloated, like nak muntah dengar, like whatever.

come on, our life is not all about those. we have so many more to achieve, we have our own wants and dreams, could you makciks please give us some space and not getting into our nerves?

i am NOT mad, this is not me getting mad being asked over and over again, truth is.. i have it enough to think about.

this is a serious matter, i don't want to get into this kelam kabut just to follow the trend, fulfilling the society's expectation that girls by the age of 25 should be getting married.

and i (strongly) believe i don't look like the one with that age yet :p

so dear makciks, here's a thoughtful piece of mind for you.

how would you feel if people ask you,
"bila agaknya makcik nak mati ye?"

i didn't mean to be mean at all, but that's the damn truth. we don't know what's in the future but we do know the One who holds it. harap makcik masih merasakan saya akan jadi menantu yang baik walaupun bukan menantu makcik hihihi

(off record)
tipu lah if i say i have never thought of that before. it IS normal for us girls, to have those dreams of having a life partner. but i prefer mine to be at its own pace. let the time decide and let He does what He does best, for He is the Best planner. :)

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