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Monday, December 16, 2013

how two different person, matters.

Alhamdulillah, just got back from kuching. Family vacation i would say, even terpaksa pegi lambat due to the interview date yang clash dengan tarikh keramat itu. Tak keramat sangat ahhh kalau hari interview tu dah gelabah semacam, hek eleh. Boleh pulak buat malu depan pegawai, pegi silap bawak fail sape suruh -_-'

But this post is not about interview.

This post, is about how two different person, matters. Ecewah, kelas kau tajuk, haha

The last day was the most hectic. Separuh hari pegi serikin, shopping, walked for about 3kms, pegi balik pegi balik. Then rush back untuk packing. At 3 kena keluar dah dari accom, pukul 4 kena hantar kereta. And flight delay sampai pukul 8. and we were like.. delay? hmmm

Takpela. Pegi je airport, we decided to bag-drop, so that tak payah usung beg merata. There were 2 families; my family and Mak Ngah's family. We went to 2 different counters, and all went well so far. Sampai la at this one time, this female officer cakap dekat my family, "Oh, family cik tak dapat check-in lagi nih, this is too early, flight cik delay."

And i turned to the other family, they were doing their check-ins!

So i straightaway told her, "But that family boleh je? Diorang pun pegi penang jugak. What's the difference? Why we can't drop the bags yet?"

She replied, "Oh, sebab tu counter lain cik. Saya taknak susah susah."

And i was like... speechless to hear such reply!

Untuk mengelakkan sebarang kejadian yang tak dihingini, i decided maybe we should just pegi dekat this one corner, unpack the things (sebab exceed jugak waktu timbang) and just.. calm down.

A few minutes later, family Makngah pun datang. They asked, why can't we go check-ins yet? After explaining the situation in the most 'polite' way i can think of, they suggested for us to go to the counter yang diorang pegi.

Dan layanan this officer sangat tiptop!

Kitorang siap unpack depan counter, tanya macam macam pasal flight, and he even explained about claiming insurance untuk flight delay!

I can't help but to stress the 'so much' when i thanked him. "Thank you SO MUCH, SO MUCH!" for the differences that you've brought, officer. Hensem, boleh tahan ahhh. But the thing that you did, it was beyond awesome. Kalau semua orang dalam dunia boleh berkerja tiptop ceni, aman damai sejahtera sentiasa. Takdenye orang nak kata, "Eh, syarikat penerbangan A tu kerek ahhh! Service ntahpape! Dahla selalu delay, harap je the best low-cost airline, ever! Eh sape makan cili terasa pedas, uhuk uhuk"

Now, let's put this case to how we see Islam. Bayangkan, these two officers, dalam syarikat penerbangan yang bernama Islam airlines. The way they portray their own self sebagai the airlines' ambassador, how they interact with other people, etc. Can you see how two different person, matters?

I have seen those, and I realize, how small things like this can affect the big things, really. Fikir fikirkan, dan selamat beramal!

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