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Thursday, July 4, 2013

the first week

to be honest.. sape cakap jadi cikgu senang, meh sini nak luku kepala sikit. hamboih ingat nak ajaq anak oghang serupa nak train parrot cakap ka?

at times, the thought of giving up tu selalu ada. sampaikan setiap hari, after school, ibu ayah akan call just to ask about how i was coping at school for that day. imagine, everyday.. just to ask, "How's your school today, teacher? Everything alright? Ni kat mana? On the way balik rumah? *gelak jahat*" that's Dad psycho-ing me, ergh. -___-

too many things to think of, really. being a teacher, seriously, seriously, seriously will never be an easy job, trust me.

"but with passion and love, you'll find it easier."

tengah cuba nak develop, tolong doakan, please?

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