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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

life ain't easy, you know!

when things are getting complicated, (life ain't easy, you know!) i have this one habit. this one weird (?) habit.

google gambar gambar scenery yang cantik, nature shots (especially laut, sungai, anything that has to do dengan air), foto foto abstrak yang cun, and guess? i'll imagine myself being there at that right moment, embracing the whole perfect harmony of nature and its beauty, and try to put meaning to the abstract photos (of course why not?, cakap jiwang heh)

this could be the best therapy for me (so far), even secara physicallynya you're not there (not that close!).

so, whenever i post anything/photos about nature, abstract, etc (as listed), that explains the state of my mind at the moment. which-you-know-what, eh.

to tell you the truth.. life ain't easy, you know! okay tagline lame, kbai.

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